Strawberry & Shiso Cooler

. July 7, 2010

A  suspended and blissful moment I cherish on a hot summer day: my fan on, a cool breeze, a good book while drinking a cooler with one of my favorite fruits: strawberries. This cooler made in seconds with savory strawberries, shiso juice, agave nectar and very cold mineral sparkling water. On the picture above I sprinkled the drink with some edible decorations: red hearts I bought in Dublin. 
Shiso leaves are mainly used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine. A flavor between citrus mint and basil.


Magic of Spice said...

So refreshing, love it:)

sab le plaisir de gourmandise said...

un vrai regal rafraichissant

Anne said...

Where do you find Shiso juice, do you make it yourself?

Myrtille said...

@ Anne: You can purchase shiso juice online at Nishikidôri Market:
Also if you click on the word shiso of my post you will land on it!

Mlle Pigut said...

Refreshing and beautiful to look at!


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