A Few Days in Marseille

. August 16, 2007

I've been longing to visit Marseille for a long time,especially since the TGV links that destination.It's only 3h15 from Paris and there you go;I finally made it a few days ago ...Located in southeastern France on the Mediterranean Sea,surrounded by mountains Marseille has evolved over the course of its 2,500-year history to become France's second largest city .
Notre Dame de la Garde,l'Abbaye St Victor,Campagne Pastré,La Canebière,The old port,"L'Alcazar",the New Public Library;these are some of the famous sites I saw.

This adorable shop is famous for it's chocolate without butter and cream.Exquisite
flavours.I sampled a dark chocolate for aperitif with rasberries and onions.The balance was perfect.You could hardly taste the onion,it only releases it's zing in the end.It was difficult to choose:orange,mint,cilantro,melon and almonds.I finally got some white chocolate with cherries for my friend and cappuccino milk chocolate for myself.

Chocolatière du Panier,rue du Petit-Puits.13002 MARSEILLE.Tel:04 91 55 70 41.

These are butter and orange blossom cookies from Provence that are traditionally made on February 2. On this day the candles are blessed in the Catholic churches. A navette is an incense holder or boat, that the priest holds by a chain and swings to and fro as he approaches the altar. The cookies are usually shaped like little boats to resemble this holder.

Le Four des Navettes:136 rue Sainte.13007 MARSEILLE

The oldest bakery.

To be continued...


Mamina said...

C'est toi qui en anglais me fait découvrir ce chocolatier... j'ai noté l'adresse.

Doria said...

De belles photos de Marseille. merci pour la balade.
Bisous, Doria

Alexie said...

Tu as été dans de très belles endroits. Je ne connais pas du tout cette ville. Peut-être qu'un jour, j'aurai la chance de m'y rendre.
Bizzz, Alexie


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