Key Lime Fiadone,"not for purists"

. August 18, 2007

Originally a traditional specialty from Corsica,mine tasted more like a Polish type cheesecake.Must be due to my origins...
250g of ricotta cheese and 150g of Philadelphia cream cheese (I used the one from Leader Price),3 eggs,150g sugar,key lime zest and juice,1 Ts flour.Depending on your oven,bake for 20 to 45 min.Mine is really 360.

Conversion pour les français:
250 g de ricotta,150g de St Moret(ou celui de Leader Price),3 oeufs,150 g de sucre,zestes d'un citron vert et jus,1 cuillère à soupe de farine.Cuire de 20 à 45 min selon votre four à T6/180.


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