Apricot Compote infused in Lavender with Greek Yogurt and Redcurrants

. July 18, 2007

Perfect for a snack or a light summer breakfast. For the first time I bought some greek yogurt made with sheep and goat's milk which has about half the calories of the usual greek yoghurt 92 kcal for 100 g instead of about 180 kcal!The taste is stronger but the texture is really smooth and creamy.Concerning the apricot compote you just cook them in a very thick pot with a little water,1 Tb brown sugar and some lavender on low heat for about 10 minutes or more depending how you want your apricots to look...


Miss Diane said...

La photo et le titre m'attirent beaucoup mais je ne vois pas la recette...

Doria said...

Une petite bouchée de ta coupe me plairait bien.
A bientôt, Doria


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