Nectarine Tart with Argan Oil Crust

. August 18, 2009

A few days ago I was invited to a party at J... She left me a message asking me to bring dessert and then the following day called and begged me to just bring a fruit salad due to the hot weather and her diet. That wasn't in my plan, boring! I wanted to use some of that golden argan oil I brought back from Morrocco a few months ago... I was day dreaming about pie crust with argan oil and almonds, sweet memory of amlou. Then flipping pages of this summer's issue of "SAVEURS" and their recipe of nectarine tart.

I decided to make a crust recipe using T 80 flour( a type of brown flour, containing higher levels of minerals and fibre. Pasty produced using this type of flour generally has a heavier more rustic texture), almond meal and argan oil. Also, I didn't want to have to bother with the rolling out due to my small kitchen space!
The dough went brown, crisp and crumbly. I topped it with ground almonds, firm nectarines, a little brown sugar.For an even glossier aspect choose riper fruit. My friends kept begging me for seconds.


-1 1/2 cups T 80 flour
-1/2 ts baking powder
-1 Tbsp sugar
-3 Tbsp argan oil
-1 egg
-2 Tbsp almond butter
- a little ice water

- 1 Ib yellow nectarines
- 2 Tbsp brown sugar
- ground almonds

In a bowl combine flour,baking powder, sugar and salt. Add egg,almond butter, oil and mix with hands until it holds together. If the dough is still dry add more ice water. If the dough is too humid add more flour. Gather it. Wrap the dough in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for an hour.

Then set an oven rack in middle position, and preheat the oven 390°F.

Put some flour in the tart pan and spread the dough with your hands by easing it onto the corners and up the sides.

Cut the nectarines in quarters, remove the pits. Put them in a bowl and toss them gently with the sugar. Arrange the fruit on a bed of ground almonds. Bake the tart until the crust is golden brown and fruit look glazy, about 40 min depending on your oven.


Eva said...

Elle est super belle !

Bombay-Bruxelles said...

It was great meeting you this weekend - see you soon! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.


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