Light and Moist Chocolate Cake

. May 28, 2007

What I had in mind was to make brownies and here is the result...I was so disappointed because as I stated in a previous post I hate cakey brownies.But before throwing "it" out and preparing another batch for the bbq party I was invited to that evening,I decided to taste the darn cake...I couldn't believe how delicate , moist and chocolaty it was(well dah...I put some Lindt 85% dark chocolate).This accident was due to the zucchini!Yes,zucchini...the secret ingredient nobody could guess at the party.So next time try it ,add 1/2 cup of zucchini to your brownie dough.


Anonymous said...

i love dark chcolate, even 99 %. your cake looks so yummy!

Myrtille said...

thanks leonine you're very kind!

Myrtille said...
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Lavande L&P said...

épatant! bravo et merci pour ta participation!


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