Ricotta Cheesecake with "Caramel au Beurre-Salé"

. January 31, 2007

This is my first cheesecake preparation.I gave it a try for my mom's birthday a few days ago.She wanted something light(considering there was also a chocolate mousse cake)and loves lemons.Quite quick and really easy!My mom and the rest of the family were delighted with the result.A definite keeper!

History: Originated in ancient Greece.The first recorded mention of cheesecake was in 776 BC,as being served for the first Olympic Games.Centuries later it appeared in America,brought by immigrants!

Crust:160 g "speculos",20g sugar,60g butter
Filling:350g Ricotta cheese,1,5 dl cream,1 lemon zest,100g sugar,4 eggs,6 gelatin leaves

Melt butter in the microwave for about a minute.Finely crush cookies.Mix cookies,butter and sugar.Line a pie plate(24 cm) with mixture and put in the fridge.
Put gelatin leaves in a bowl of cold water for 5 to 10 min,then drain and add to the cream that is heating on low temperature.Set aside to cool.Meanwhile,beat egg yolks with lemon zests and sugar.Add ricotta,beat well.Then add cream mixture.Beat egg whites until very firm.Add the cheese mixture over the crust and keep in the fridge at least 3 hours.But it's best to prepare it one day ahead.
Caramel:heat sugar with a little bit of water and a few drops of lemon juice until nice golden color.Then add butter.Mix aside
and add warm cream.


Anonymous said...

Bravo pour vos talents de cuisinière et également de photographe !

J'adore les cheesecakes et celui-ci me semble très léger. L'idée du caramel est excellente et je vais suivre votre recette.


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