. January 15, 2007

Beet a passionate,festive delightful color!Got it's original name Beta because of it's ressemblance to the second letter of the alphabet according to Lucius Junius Moderatus Columella, one of the world's first food writers.It's a good source of pottassium,vitamine C & A.
This wonderful "Bortsch" recipe is adapted from Cafe Pouchkine in Moskow.


-1 tablespoon olive oil
-2 medium size beets,peeled,chopped
-one carrot,peeled,chopped
-1 tablespoon of pureed tomato
-vegetable broth (4 cups)
- 2 apples
-cider vinegar
-1 teaspoon of brown sugar

Heat oil in large pot with a pinch of allspice.Sauté onions and garlic for 2 minutes.Add carrot , beets,tomato and broth.Cook on medium low for about 40 min.In a pan with a little butter sauté sliced apples for a few minutes.Add vinegar,sugar,cinnamon.When apples have a nice color,stop.Serve soup with apples and some "magret de canard fumé".Enjoy!



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