Snapshot of the Alain Ducasse Market at the Plaza Athénée

. April 13, 2010

Organised by Alain Ducasse in the courtyard of the Plaza Athénée Hôtel for the second year. On display I saw a wide range of excellent products. On the picture above the outstanding and seductive citrus fruit cultivated by Florence and Philippe Constant.

I tasted for the first time a "caviar" citrus with tiny marbles that explode in your mouth
The" Chimère"
Purple asparagus from Liguria

Edible flowers from Didier Pil ( Potager Petit Moulin)

Wild Strawberries cultivated in Spain. Usually when I hear fruit coming from Spain I run away... Rolande and Cathy Most settled in Andalucia and grow  fruit without the use of chemicals.
Nettle manure is used as an organic fertiliser.


The Hungry Mouse said...

Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Myrtille said...

You're welcome Jessie!

Vegetable Matter said...

Gorgeous pics, especially the purple asparagus. Nettle manure? That's new to me -- must research.

Anonymous said...

Quel talent pour la photographie !
Il faudrait continuer dans ce domaine et pourquoi pas se charger des illustrations d'un livre de cuisine. D'autres l'ont fait pour certains livres dont je ne citerai pas le nom, mais qui n'ont certainement pas votre classe.

l'Amoureuse des desserts said...

Superbes couleurs!!!
Quelle présentation...alléchante.

Elin said...

Thanks for sharing such great info and great pics :)

citronetvanille said...

moi qui adore Alain Ducasse!!!! dommage d'avoir rate ca!

herve said...

tiens tiens toi aussi tu y étais on aurait pu se croiser hier aprés midi.
bonne journée à toi
hervé (lesateliersdhys)

Myrtille said...

@ amoureuse des desserts @ Elin Thanks!

@ Vegetable Matter: These purple asparagus are as delicious as they look!

@Hervé: dommage! à une prochaine fois.

denise said...

What a spread of delights!! I love the variety of citrus and the purple asparagus is gorgeous! A really enjoyable post :)


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