Prawns and Grouper "Rillettes" with Red Shiso/ Rillettes de crevettes et de mérou au shiso rouge

. March 11, 2010

This fresh and aromatic fish appetizer requires grouper, prawns, cream cheese, shallots, marinated shiso.
Peal and clean the prawns. Keep the shells of the prawns. Place them in a sauce pan covered with water on medium heat for 5 min. Then add the piece of grouper and cook for a few minutes. In your food processor put the shallot, chop. Then add the fish and prawns, mix. Combine the mixture with cream cheese, chervil and red shiso with umé prune vinegar.
If you've never tasted shiso, I advise you to try as soon as you get a chance.It has a unique flavor: pungent and grassy, it contains strong aromatic flavors of spearmint, basil, anise and cinnamon.
I served these rillettes with delicious Japanese seaweed senbei crackers. Check out Nishikidori Market website, they have fabulous Japanese gourmet products.


Gabriella said...

Dear ChezMyrtille, the prawns and grouper rillettes with red shiso look divine! I confess I have not tried shiso but after seeing this beautiful recipe, and being that I love seafood, I simply must try it. OMG! Incredible presentation. Loved your site, very professional. Photos were crisp and clear. Recipes concise and easy to read. I shall be back for a bite of more.
Thank you for sharing.
Cheers, Gaby
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