Marine Flavor Salad

. May 2, 2008

A delicious, fresh, tonifying spring salad!

What is Dulse?

Dulse is an edible alga which grows widely along the shorelines of the North Atlantic. It's popular in Northern Ireland, Iceland, Asia and parts of Canada.

The algae is high in vitamins, especially vitamin B, and it also supplies a lot of fiber and a comparatively large amount of protein and iron. In regions where other plants do not grow well, dulse seaweed has traditionally been an important dietary supplement. Many people acquired a taste for the alga, and continue eating it for pleasure.

Soak the dulse in cold water for a few minutes, then drain and thoroughly rinse , then squeeze out the water by hand. Thinly slice cucumber, crunchy apple, avocado.Add some sesame oil, rice vinegar, ginger, gomasio,soy sauce . Enjoy!


Private Chef said...

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jasmine said...

I'm a bit of a fan of dulse. One of my colleauges waxed lyrically about it (she's got roots in Newfoundland). I like it in soups, but have been known to nibble on it like potato chips...


Maggie said...

I make a salad just like this but I use Korean toasted sweetened seaweed. I'm going to try it with dulse. Thanks for the idea!

Jackie said...

Great idea to use dulse!


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