"Fooding" November 2007: Happy Winner !

. December 2, 2007

I usually never win at contests and don't even bother wasting my time...But what do you know...This 2007 autumn edition I won twice.A wine tasting sponsored by "La Winery " from Bordeaux and dinner with Patrick Samut (a trendsetter who launched the innovative and successful restaurant" La Famille", in the 18th district in Paris ) in his IKEA home kitchen.
What does "fooding" mean?
Paris, February 2001 : Fooding is the buzzword of the moment here. Merging the English words food and feeling into a French noun, it was coined in '99 by Alexandre Cammas in the hip Parisian magazine Nova. And ever since, le Fooding has been on every Paris gastronome's lips as well as on food-oriented pages from Elle to the Air France in-flight magazine. At the end of last year, le Figaroscope, the weekly entertainment section of the daily Le Figaro, wrote, "le Fooding has become a movement and might well turn into a phenomenon, stirring the consciences of gastronomic critics. Behind its trendy sounding name, le Fooding seeks to give witness to the modernity and new reality of drinking and eating» *

We were 8 at the table expected to arrive at 8:30 P.M.The hosts were very warm and welcoming which enhanced the impression we were old friends... The whole crowd had a lot of fun and spent a delightful evening that ended at almost 2 in the morning with promises of other Get-Togethers!

Amuse- Bouches with Eggplant Caviar and Apples

Potato Mousse Soup with Truffle Oil

Rouleaux de Thon with Cilantro, Maki, Olive, Enoki and Rice

Chocolate- Snickers Verrines with Ginger Rhum,Thai Basil and Pinapple Sorbet and Coconut


Sassy said...

oh wow!! congrats on winning!!! And the food............. mon Dieu, c'est tres jolie!!!!

Mamina said...

Bravo à toi. Ca devait vraiment être sympa. Je retiens l'idée de la soup mousse de pommes de terre à l'huile de truffe... une huile dont je suis fan!Bisous.

mickymath said...

huuuum!! quelles superbes plats!! biises micky

CresceNet said...
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