Photography Workshop with Isabelle Rozenbaum

. September 30, 2007

Recently I attended a photography workshop with the wonderful,generous and passionate professional ethno culinary photographer: Isabelle Rozenbaum.She has worked with famous chefs such as Guy Martin and her works are published by Minerva,le Seuil, Mango & le Chêne since 1996 .It was fantastic to meet other participants bloggers and non bloggers:Mamina,Julien from Germany,Isabelle from Italy,Sophie,Monique.
Isabelle emphasized on the importance of sensuality , conveying life and appetite through your shots.Always look at things as if for the first time with a sense of discovery and genuine innocence.Don't stay in the kitchen to take your pictures.Move around,be playful with the food.Importance of having fun while shooting.We worked with recipes and products we brought.I picked a sunny and colorful recipe:"Escabèche de Rougets à l'orange et au fenouil".I also brought some Matcha Shortbread Cookies.


A well deserved lunch break to taste all this delicious food.

Importance of your stylism.Isabelle explained it's essential not to be too talkative and focus on understanding your recipe,not hide the star ingredient.

You see on this picture the fennel is overwhelming...Bad choice!

Fruit prepared by Sophie

Monique's Apple Tarts

Matcha Shortbread Cookies

Rice,Patato and Zucchini Gratin

An Exceptional Herbal Tea,Wild Sage from Amorgos Island


Fiona Kernaghan said...

Myrtle, this reminded me of how my husband and I love to take photos of special meals. Especially when we travel. I'm interested in what you might know about chocolate... Do you have a favorite you could recommend? I love Lindt and Vosges. ?

Mamina said...

Merci à toi, pour toutes ces photos qui me rappellent de vraiment bons moments... à refaire, vite si possible!

confituremaison said...

Quelle chance! Non seulement les conseils, mais simplement cette rencontre.

Doria said...

Une superbe rencontre qui va te laisser de bons souvenirs.
Bisous, Doria

Doria said...
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$ha said...

Great! Comme j'aurais aimé être sur Paris...!

Philo said...

Joli reportage et belles photos ! Bises

Clairechen said...

Superbe!! J'adore les photos avec Mamina en pleine action!!! ;-)


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