Rasberry Apricot Energy Bars with Small Spelt Flour

. July 31, 2007

Inspired by Tours et Tartines
blog,this recipe has been in my bookmarks for months...I modified by cutting down a little on the sugar and adapted the flour mixture to make it more healthy with some spelt flour.It's a mild-tasting fiber-rich whole grain, that provides more nutrients than its cousin wheat flour—it's high in vitamin B2 and manganese and is a good source of niacin, thiamin and copper. Spelt flour also contains special carbohydrates (mulcopolysaccharides), an important factor in blood clotting and stimulating the body's immune system. What's more, the nutrients in spelt flour are more easily absorbed into the body because of its high water solubility. Though it contains gluten, spelt is sometimes tolerated by those with gluten allergies.


-3/4 cup brown sugar
-1/2 cup small spelt flour
-1/2 cup of T80 flour
-1 ts baking soda
-1 pinch of salt
-3/4 cup rolled oats
-2 pinches of cinnamon
-3/4 cup margarine
-3/4 cup rasberry apricot jam

Preheat your oven 350 F .In a large bowl combine sugar,flour,oats,cinnamon,salt and baking soda.Add margarine until combined.Tranfer half of the batter into parchment paper-lined square baking pan.Drop jam and then the other half of the batter,press lightly.Bake for 30-40 min.

Pour les français:

Inspirée par la recette de Mitsuko.J'ai juste reduit un peu le sucre et la quantité de confiture. Concernant la farine,j'ai modifié par un mélange de farine de petit epeautre et de la farine T80.


$ha said...

Le genre de gourmandise qui ne peut pas m'échapper!! A dimanche? ^^ Bises

Alexie said...

Hummm, un dessert qui me ravie !!!
Bizzz, Alexie


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