Celestial Lotus Flower Flan with White Peach

. July 5, 2007

Is there a link between food and spirituality?Are we what we eat?
Lotus symbolizes the most exalted state of man - his head held high, pure and undefiled in the sun, his feet rooted in the world of experience. For the Buddhist, the Lotus flower symbolizes the Buddha.
The lotus is one of Buddhism’s most significant symbols. It is a symbol of enlightenment and purity of the mind. The lotus symbolizes many aspects of the path to enlightenment. As the lotus grows out of the still water and mud of the pond (samsara – the cycle of rebirth), it leaves the mud (worldly existence) behind to emerge straight toward the sky, appear clean on the surface (purity), and blossoms into a beautiful flower (enlightenment). The flower opens its petals to catch the warm sun rays, reveals its beauty and purity, and shares its fragrance with the leworld.

Ingredients for 4
- 2 white peaches thinly sliced
- 2 cups of organic milk
- 2 Ts lotus flower syrup
- 1 ts agar-agar
Bring pot with milk and agar-agar to boil.Stir well, add syrup.Pour in ramequins.Cool for at least 1 hour in the fridge.Enjoy!

Pour les français

Ingredients pour 4
-2 pêches blanches tranchées finement
- 500 ml lait bio
- 2 grammes agar-agar
- 2 cuillères à soupe de sirop de lotus
Porter à ébullition le lait dans une casserole,et laisser frémir 30 secondes,ajouter le sirop de lotus avant de verser dans des ramequins et mettre au frais pendant au moins 1 heure.


Valérie la gourmande bleue said...

Merci pour ta recette version frenchie je vois que ce petit sirop aux saveurs spirituelles tu as su bien l utiliser pour nous offrir une recette bien tentante

Myrtille said...

Merci.Je suis contente que la recette te plaise.

Philo said...

Super la traduction, on en avait parlé.
Cette recette a l'air drôlement bonne ! Bises

Hookah Starbuzz Tobacco said...
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