Rhubarb and Strawberry Clafoutis (with sweet condensed milk)

. June 3, 2007

This recipe is adapted from Régal magazine n 17,It's a convertible cake.Use whatever seasonal fruits you have in hand such as :cherries ,blueberries ,apricots ,apples , pears... Sweet condensed milk confers a caramel like taste and a velvety texture.

Ingredients for 4
1/2 can of sweet condensed milk(200)g
1 egg
1/2 ts baking powder
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup rhubarb and strawberries cut in small pieces
orange zest

In a food processer mix the condensed milk with water(1Ts)and egg.Add baking powder and flour little by little.Pour the batter and combine fruit in your buttered baking dish.Bake for about 30 min 190C(T6-7)


Rodrigo said...

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Anaylli said...

Perfection! I am so in the mood for a clafoutis, and rhubarb will appearing soon so I think I'll try this :o) The condensed milk is a nice twist.
One question, is it a half cup of rhubarb and strawberries combined, or 1/2 cup each?


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