Late contribution :Soup's On /Exotic Sweet Potato Soup

. March 5, 2007

I missed the deadline...Too busy! Here's my contribution anyway...

Ingredients for 4 servings:

-1kg peeled and sliced sweet potatoes
-1 ts olive oil
-2 TS of fresh ginger
-2 ts cumin
- 1 ts curry
-60 cl vegetable stock
-40 cl coconut milk
-1 ts brown sugar
- fresh coriander
- "piment d'espelette"

Steam sweet potatoes until soft.Throw out the water. Heat oil in wok.Add ginger,cumin,curry. Put all the ingredients in blender until smooth.Heat in a pot with stock,coconut milk, and sugar.Serve with coriander and "piment d'espelette".


Anonymous said...

A quand l'invitation pour me faire déguster cette soupe à la patate douce ? Je parie que c'est délicieux et très exotique.

Anonymous said...

tout est tres bon bravo
on a hate de deguster


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