Magical Spice Palace:"GOUMANYAT"

. January 10, 2007

Having an appointment at noon in the Republique area,I thought I would go on a food discovery date to"GOUMANYAT"afterwards.I'd been dying to go there ever since I got back fom California and wrote it down on my notebook.Silly enough I didn't check the opening hours.So, when I got there around lunch time it was closed.The "palace"opens at 2 PM.Well,I went for a stroll in the area.Amazing how it changed!But I need not to develop this now.When I came back it was still closed.I felt frazzled and disappointed but I wasn't going to give up and waited a little longer .What an adventure...To get in you have to to buzz before the door opens.The Thiercelin family founded the business in 1809,in Pithiviers (Gatinais region).Specialised in manufacturing and selling aromatic products from the vegetable kingdom,more than 180 different spices.10 years ago, the owner decided to open a shop directed towards connoisseurs gourmets and advised gourmands,with a focus on high quality products,only the best.
Famous for it's chinese apothecary furniture and jars,particularly the jar filled with golden saffron,the intoxicating "sniffing bar".I discovered rich,subtle and complex scents of :curries,vadouvan,mace,cloves,star anises,peppers such as peppercorns from Pondicherry,Sarawak,Muntok.I bought samples of saffron,fennel seeds,"mille et une nuits" curry (a blend that comprises roses),the precious Szechuan peppper.

Goumanyat & son royaume:3,rue Charles -François Dupuis. 75003 Paris


Anonymous said...

The spice palace sounds interesting and merits discovering


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